July 15th Class – iPhoneography, with ED BALDWIN

Are you ever caught without your camera, but have your iPhone?  Don’t let that hold you back!  In this class we’ll cover a variety of Camera Aps that allow you to shoot HDR, adjust shutter speed for low light situations, create time lapse videos, shoot bursts for fast action and more.  We’ll also cover a variety of processing aps that allow you to do most everything you can do in Photoshop and Lightroom plus more.  Work with layers, create painterly effects & “Photoshop” your images so they look fantastic.  All these features are available in simple Aps that are free or cost almost nothing and are supported with easily accessible tutorials and helpful hints.

Have an android phone ? come anyways. While not all apps have versions for both platforms, there are equivalences you can find later on. What’s important is to see how your cell phone can be a valuable tool as a camera, always at hand, and how simple and practical it is to process the images in this pocket sized device.

If you are already using your camera phone, iPhone or Android, have some samples ready as, time permitting, we’ll have an informative discussion comparing different apps, your personal approach, and any other aspect worth considering.

Cameraphones are here to stay, and new developments promise dramatical increase on quality and processing power. Even new point and shoot and small size cameras come now with an Android based interphase, connect to the internet, and let you run the same apps for in-camera processing and immediate internet sharing.

See you on the 15th !

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