Edward Baldwin will be hosting a visit to the Waikamoi Native Forest Reserve on July 13th. This exclusive protected area is normally closed to public access and visits need to be guided by qualified naturalists and require previous aproval. I have visited other areas of Waikamoi and its absolutely fascinating !

Its an easy hike along a road with varied photographic opps from macro to wide angle. Due to the nature of this protected location the size of the group is limited. As Nature Conservancy confirmen they will be working on the area on the 20th, it was decided to move this outing to the 13th. We apologize to those who had already made plans for the 20 and couldn’t make it.

The group is now complete but several members were not able to go on the 13th or didn’t make it in time so we have a waiting list and will try to repeat this outing in the short future. If you want to be added to this list please let me know with a comment to this post. Your comment and email address will remain private and won’t be published here.

Having a waiting list is a good problem we are happy to have … it means we are growing and our club’s activities are welcomed and successful. We’ve been working hard for several years to have this type of “problems” which we perceive as a good sign.

Remember we’ll be visiting a very restricted private property and a fragile protected area. Please read and keep in mind the Hike Recommendations below. Respect the natural environment by being conscious of where you step and what you touch, leave no trace, and if possible not even footprints. Stay on the trails at all times and only walk on the designated areas. There will be guides to consult if you have questions. Read at the end of this post.

It is also a fantastic opportunity to learn about Hawaii’s native forests and very unique birds.

What lenses to bring ?
Wide Angle for scenic landscapes where the forest opens up.
Macro for close ups of flowers, lichens, moss and mushrooms.
Telephoto for birds. Photographing birds is very challenging and requires lots of patience and a firm hand. Mike Neil is our expert in the field and will be there to give advise. Mike recommends a 400 mm which he combines with an extension tube for an even more powerful magnification. He also uses his flash to help the camera.

Thank you for your support and participation and stay tuned for more news and upcoming activities. Aloha !

Fernando Lopez Arbarello


Waikamoi hike information




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