CLUB OUTING: Sunset atop Haleakala, January 28th

The next Maui Camera Club outing will be on Saturday, January 28th 2017 for a sunset meet up on the summit of Haleakala National Park.


Photo courtesy of David Schoonover.

Sunset is going to be at 6:18pm, but if you have warm clothes and some patience, a few of us will be staying until the stars come out to try some astrophotography.


Photo courtesy of David Schoonover.

WHEN: Saturday, January 28th
WHERE: The summit of Haleakala National Park
WHAT TIME: Sunset is at 6:18 pm, so 5:30 pm would be a safe time to arrive at the summit.
TRANSPORTATION: Carpooling is encouraged, parking at the summit is limited.

About this outing:

  • Sunset is at 6:18 pm.
  • Admission to the National Park is $20 per vehicle (so carpooling is encouraged).
  • The temperature at the summit at 6pm will be about 50 degrees (but will seem much colder because of the wind and moisture).
  • Please dress for cold, wet weather (rain jacket, gloves, scarf, etc.)
  • The weather and cloud cover can be unpredictable at the summit.
  • If you want to try astrophotography after the sun sets, make sure you have a tripod, a wide angle lens (if available), a fully charged battery or batteries, a headlamp or flashlight, and warm clothes.
  • Parking at the summit parking lot is very limited.
  • This outing is for paying members of the Maui Camera Club.

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