Dues & Donations

Annual dues for the Maui Camera Club are $12.00. This fee covers a variety of incidentals not the least of which is the yearly Photo Salon at the Maui Fair which is entirely sponsored by the camera club. Use the Paypal link below to make your dues payment.

Or, you can mail your dues (or donations), by check or money order, payable to: 

KIHEI, HI 96753

The Maui Camera Club is a non-profit organization and we do accept donations. Money collected is used to promote the camera club, provide educational material, speakers and, the club’s most recent purchase, a 65″ high definition monitor to view images during meetings. If you are so inclined to make a donation, for any amount you choose, use the Paypal link below, or the address above:


The Paypal link below provides an opportunity to pay for partial dues (dues are $1/month – if you join mid year and want to pay for, say, 4 months, there is an option available). The Camera Club may soon be selling T-shirts, with a delightful Maui Camera Club logo. When available that can be paid for here. If you would like to contribute funds towards something specific for the camera club (for example, if you would like to sponsor the cost of the club going on a whale watch), that can be done here. Note: the drop down menu, ranging from $1 – $10, has a ‘quantity’ box. So, if you want to pay for 7 months worth of dues, or 17 months, you can choose $1, and the quantity would be 7, or 17. Likewise, any amount can be configured by using one of the amounts x a quantity.


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